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Co-Op Daycare and Other Programs You May be Missing from DC DPR.


Co-Op Daycare and Other Programs You May be Missing from DC DPR.

A friend of mine suggested I do a blog post on the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), and I cringed. Their website is SO CONFUSING to me, which validates her point that this issue needs some blog love. So hold my hand and let’s dive in together to find ten programs we may be missing out on.

A brief overview for those of you who may not know. Every neighborhood in DC has a recreation center managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation. Each center offers classes and programming that can be found online.

When searching for available programs I recommend searching by a specific Recreation Center (use their map to find your closest center) as well as by DPR’s  course index.

And without further ado here are ten children’s programs I bet you didn’t know about!

10. Double Dutch

“Learn and perform basic exercise needed for competitive Double Dutch jump rope including how to enter the rope, do stunts, compulsory exercises, speed jumping, and freestyle exercises.”

9. Afternoon Access

“Afternoon Access offers children a safe, supportive and well structured environment Monday through Friday. Activities provide quality educational, recreational, and cultural experiences that promote physical, intellectual, and emotional development. Afternoon Access youth receive homework help, participate in fitness activities and explore arts & cultural opportunities. The Afternoon Access curriculum is designed to complement what children learn in school and strengthen their sense of belonging in their communities.”

8. Enrichment Zone

“Enrichment Zone (EZ)! EZ is a power-packed hour-long program that will provide children with a safe, quiet, conducive space to focus on homework assignments or school projects. DPR staff will provide basic guidance to ensure children are on the right track to getting their work started. During the last 15 minutes, staff will provide an enriching activity with participants. This enrichment could range from a personal enrichment activity to a sport tutorial to a STEM activity! EZ runs Monday through Friday, after most neighborhood schools release for the day.”

7. Arts and Crafts 

This walk-in Arts & Crafts class uses basic art supplies to create and design. Learn new techniques and new uses for common material.

6. Fencing: Foil Beginner

“Participants will learn the art of Foil Fencing. Focus on beginner skills and techniques.”

5. Ballet: Level 1 (multiple levels offered)

“Participants will learn the basic positions, steps, terms and rhythms. They will have the experience of working as a group to achieve cooperative and collaborative goals.”

4. Tennis: Tiny Tots 

“Learn basic tennis strokes, stroke technique, and court awareness.”

3. Swimming

The ever popular swimming classes have their own separate page, here.

2. Tiny Tots 

“A fun-filled parent & child high energy activity program that includes songs, parachutes, games, balls, music, running, learning, and more. Focus on development of gross motor skills, coordination, socialization, cooperation and reinforcement of cognitive development. A great workout for the children…and the adults!”
1. Co-Op Play 

Let me break this one down for you. Because Co-Op play is bad name for something that should be called, ” Holy Moly Check out This Super Cheap Child Care Option for People Who Stay at Home with Young Children”. These classes fill up FAST, I’m on the waitlist myself.

“Through the Cooperative Play Program, young children ages 18 months to 4 years old, are introduced to a structured play setting with activities that engage the whole child mentally, socially, physically, and emotionally in preparation for entering the formal education system. Emphasis is placed on socialization such as learning to take turns; cognitive growth through music, painting, and cutting; and gross motor development by running and jumping. All parents and guardians also serve duty days (usually one day per week, per child) to assist with organizing, implementing, and planning of activities.”

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