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Odyssey Bottomless Mimosa Brunch on the Potomac


Odyssey Bottomless Mimosa Brunch on the Potomac

You’re in good company if you think a bottomless mimosa brunch on a luxury boat along the Potomac River would not be a child friendly outing. But, a  friend of mine texted me last minute inviting Ooey and I on said outing and, after a three second deliberation, I agreed. I was assured that Ooey was a welcome guest (the under three crowd is free), and after triple checking the website I decided it must be so.

“Are children allowed?
Children are allowed on all cruises.

Do you offer any children discounts?
Children under 3 are complimentary and a discount is offered for children between the ages of 3 and 12 on select Brunch and Lunch Cruises. There are no children discounts for dinner cruises. On all cruises, children 2 and under are complimentary but require a boarding ticket so please mention when making a reservation. Discounts may not be offered on select specialty cruises.

The buffet overlooking the Lincoln Memorial

The buffet overlooking the Lincoln Memorial

A moment of panic occurred at ticketing when the agent asked why Ooey had not been accounted for in pre-registration, but instead of being turned away we were given an extra ticket and shuffled along.

The Odyssey III is like a giant floating, indoor patio under glass. The design is simple, yet beautiful and the boat was seemingly impervious to waves, a huge benefit when you’re stuffing yourself in the buffet line. Despite being bottomless I had only two mimosas, many more coffees and lots of chocolate cake (soo yummy!).

However, the calories consumed were quickly negated by the amount of dancing we did . The boat is partitioned into two sides, and each side had a live band playing upbeat dance tunes. It should be noted that since becoming a mom little publicly embarrasses me, which is to my benefit when Ooey wants to dance her heart out like she did here. She even met two other toddlers on the dance floor, and I learned some new dance moves. Three hours flew by and as people departed Ooey waved and said goodbye as if they had been visitors on her boat, it was very endearing.


All aboard the floating patio party!


Not a bad view from the bar.


Dancing, Lincoln Memorial in the background.

My friend, Ooey and I had a great time, everyone’s expectations being exceeded even with the high sticker price and I expect I’ll be a return guest.. I should also mention I had my first DC celebrity sighting, Mayor Bowser was aboard celebrating her mom’s birthday but declined an invite from the DJ to dance.

When: Year Round

Getting there:  Metro (green line to Waterfront)  Parking (first come first serve parking is available in their private lot)

WebsiteOdyssey Cruises

Additional supplies:  A well stocked diaper bag, the cruise lasts a few hours. Entertainment (i-Pad, books, etc.) for your kids if you think they’ll get bored.

Nursing friendly: Oh yes, no designated areas per se but plenty of quiet spots, and what’s better than nursing from a comfy patio chair with a view of the Washington Monuments!

Attention level: We’re on a boat so lets just say high level of attention required.

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