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Drop everything and read this review, ARTECHOUSE is going to blow your mind.

Artechouse in Washington DC-


Drop everything and read this review, ARTECHOUSE is going to blow your mind.


They’ve relaxed their 6+ age limit see the e-mail I received from Tati, Managing Director of Artechouse, below. 

we are implementing a more flexible policy on the age for children. We’ve received a great interest from families with children under the age of 6. And we are doing our best to accommodate everyone. Our only request from families with younger children is to make sure that parents are with their child at all times and there is a higher supervision as they plan their visit. We request no running, no poking, no touching of the fabric screens etc.
As to the tickets, there is still a ticket requirement for all children except for infants in baby carriers.
I hope this will help for more families to plan their visits. And certainly feel free to add this information to the article.


Just steps from the L’Enfant metro station in what was slated to be a movie theater is ARTECHOUSE a newly opened art space in Washington DC. ARTECHOUSE opened June 1st with “XYZT :Abstract Landscapes”. My daughter and I went to the media preview, and it was unreal.


ARTECHOUSE is just steps away from the National Mall and is unassumingly tucked between corporate eateries. Had I not planned on being there I could have walked by, missing it entirely. We were greeted by co-founder and managing director, Tati.

Artechouse in Washington DC-

“These four letters are used to describe, in terms of mathematical formulism, the movement of one point in space, and to reveal an imaginary territory; a coincidence between geometry and the organic, between material and immaterial; an exhibition-tour landscaped by mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions and by metaphors in motion. Strolling through a luxuriant digital space, being able to touch algorithims and sense matter of light are some of the manifold imaginary fields to be discovered,” said Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne.

Artechouse in Washington DC-

Before and after, the digital elements react to a woman’s movement.

Tati ushered us into the space and we were soon immersed within a digital playground. The exhibit was created by Adrien M. (a computer scientist) and Claire B.( a graphic designer). Aptly named XYZT (X (horizontal), Y (vertical), Z (depth), and T (time)) the exhibit is 4-d experience made of algorithms responsive to human touch and movement.

Artechouse in Washington DC-

Ooey watches as the camera captures and distorts our bodies, challenging her perception of self.

Screens, boxes, wall spaces and touch pads are an experience in black and white. The exhibit invites you to touch, frolic, dance and jump in order to illicit a response from the space. Looking around the room you’ll see people completely engaged, not a care in the world.

Artechouse in Washington DC-

I didn’t know I was so tall and lean!

My daughter, Ooey, and I spent the most time in a room towards the back of the exhibit. The 360 degree box was screened in with alternating patterns and designs. The alphabet appeared on the walls and with a swipe of a hand the letters scattered. Ooey was completely delighted – she ran around in circles, slapped at the walls and screeched. The letters responded accordingly and jumped out of her path.

Artechouse in Washington DC-

Having the room to herself Ooey was not eager to leave.

“Certain things words just cannot describe…they must be seen and experienced… In every city there is an arts destination for fine arts, theater, music, films, etc. Our goal is to create an innovative, new age arts destination dedicated to experiential and exploratory arts that is created through the medium of technology & science,” said Sandro, Artistic Director of ARTECHOUSE.

Artechouse in Washington DC-

We ran into our Friend, Carlos, who gave Ooey her first fidget spinner.

When I posted about the exhibit on Instagram I knew there would be some backlash about the age limit, I was right. Ooey is 2.5 and enjoyed the exhibit throughly, but was quickly overwhelmed. Another blogger friend was there and she messaged me later to say she had left early, it was too much for her little to handle.  I say this because I don’t want parents to feel like their kids are missing out, my daughter was just as delighted to have received her first fidget spinner from our friend Carlos. I’m already scheduled to make a return trip, without Ooey, but should they change their age limit- I’d definitely recommend bringing your child.




XYZT exhibition is on view June 1 through September 3 with both Daytime (10a.m. – 4p.m.) and Evening

(5:30p.m.-10p.m.) admissions.


1238 Maryland Ave

ARTECHOUSE is located at The Portals between Smithsonian and L’Enfant Plaza metro stations in

Southwest, DC- just next door to the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Street parking is available, there is a garage on the same block

The nearest Metro is L’Enfant (blue, orange, red, silver, yellow lines)


  • Children age 6 and up are allowed to the daytime viewings
  • The exhibit is very stimulating, which may be overwhelming for some children
  • Is your child under six? Make it a date night, you won’t regret it!
  • Buy tickets ASAP







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