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The Gear You’ll Need to Survive a Summer in Washington D.C.


The Gear You’ll Need to Survive a Summer in Washington D.C.

I thought I’d be sitting on this post until at least June, but it’s May and we’ve already had a few days in the mid to high 80’s. It is going to be hot and humid this summer, and while you don’t have to carry around a bulky winter coat anymore you do need to prepare in different ways if you want to have a good time
I spent a summer in Northern California on a trail crew, the days were long and hot. That experience taught me a thing or two about being active without getting heat stroke.
  1. Water is your new best friend
  2. Cold water goes a long way in keeping you from overheating
  3. The best snack is fruit (because it’s mostly water & the sugar will keep you going)
  4. Wearing a hat is not optional




I wanna suggest a few items that I find we use every day, shown in the board above.

Zoku popsicles 

These popsicles are actually as cool as they look, and they’re on the smaller side which means it’s the perfect size for a toddler. I usually do a mix of juice, water and yogurt and let them freeze overnight. One word of caution, this is all my toddler will eat now. The molds come in a variety of shapes, I personally have two, one shaped like a frog and one like a  princess-  I thought that was a cute combo.

A trucker hat that’s actually cool

I bought one of these a few years ago and I wear it all the time, it really goes a long way to keep sun off one’s face (obviously).

Pool noodles

What a time to be alive, when I was a kid we had to submerge the noodle under water completely to fill up the hollow interior and then blow on one end towards our target to turn it into a squirt gun. Now, there’s a small version that has a pump on one end for easier water fighting. They look dumb, but these are a hit for the over 6 crowd at the pool.

Stacking cup bath toys 

Babies & toddlers are endlessly amused by pouring water, these stacking cups will be the life of the party at your splash pad or pool, and are small enough to keep in a stroller compartment.

Spray sunscreen & baby hat with straps 

My daughter hates it when I try and put sunscreen on her, so the spray is the best solution. A hat with straps is important for a toddler who doesn’t appreciate hats (like mine)

An ultra light picnic blanket 

Parks and playgrounds that get even a little bit of sun exposure in the summer have surfaces that get scalding hot. You might want to have a small blanket on hand to put down into a baby swing at the playground or for a bench, either of which would be way hot.

Baby & toddler Teva sandals 

This is the ultimate adventure sandal, non slip and super durable. Great for the summer when you’re always in and out of the water.


These are legit the most comfortable flip flop type of shoe that I’v ever owned. They’re made out of yoga mats which sounds super gimmicky but is actually quite comfortable. I wear these like walking shoes and they see 4+ miles daily , as a bonus they don’t make that annoying flop sound that a traditional flip flop makes.

And most important, Nalgene water bottles 

You’ll need two of these. Fill one halfway, fill the other 3/4 full and freeze overnight- before you go out top them both off with water- and voila you’ll have ice cold water all day long. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll toss some lemon wedges in as I fill them up in the morning.

One more tip,

Additionally I carry around an insulated lunch bag with reusable ice packs, having cold snacks is really refreshing on a hot day and I also shove a La Croix in there too to stay cool. The ice packs do double duty, if you encounter a hot surface, like a baby swing, you can run the ice pack along that surface and avoid burning those tender baby legs. I use the ice packs that come with our food prep service, so if you don’t have ice packs ask that friend who uses something like that- I can guarantee their kitchen overfloweth with freezer packs they’d like to unload.

Stay cool out there! And if you have any tips for staying cool in the summer I’d love to hear them in the comments section 🙂


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