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Slowing Down And Experiencing Wonder

Slowing Down and Experiencing Wonder- A guest post by DC Urban Dad

DC Diary

Slowing Down And Experiencing Wonder

Happy Friday! Today’s piece is a guest post by a friend of mine, Austin Graff, who also happens to be a new dad. In this guest post he writes about walking around town with his daughter, and it’s a reminder to me of how precious those first few months of having a baby are – and the crazy things we do to keep them sleeping! Austin writes the blog DC Urban Dad, it’s new (just like his baby) but I can’t wait to read more of his content. I’ve been contemplating the idea of writing more personal pieces and this piece was the inspiration I needed. So without further ado, the first article in the DC Diary column is here! 

6:10AM. The alarm goes off.

6:30AM. Check in at the gym.

7:45AM. Breakfast.

8:25AM. Metro to work.

9AM-5:30PM. Work, work, work.

6:30PM. Dinner.

7:30PM. Meet friends for drinks.

10PM. Watch Survivor.

11PM. Go to bed.

This was my every day before having little Addy. It was go, go, go, rushing from one social event to the next. It’s what you do in a city like Washington, DC. You just don’t have time to stop and appreciate the wonder of the city.

This high-speed chase of life slowed down (It didn’t come to a halt; it just slowed down) when our sweet daughter, Addy, was born. Now that she’s eleven weeks old, we’ve gotten into the rhythm of waking up early on Saturdays. Mom catches up on sleep and Addy and I strap on the Ergo Baby and go for a very long walk.

It’s not like I didn’t go on walks before, but the difference now is walking without an endpoint in mind. Addy stays sound asleep in the Ergo as long as I keep walking. This forces me to slow down and really notice the neighborhood in which we live. I start to notice the details of every row house, the hidden alleyways that sprinkle Capitol Hill, the hidden gems around the corner. It makes me stop and appreciate my neighborhood, its wonder.

A Capitol Hill Alley full of color, A guest post by DC Urban Dad

A Capitol Hill alley full of color.

As the intricate beauty of my neighborhood shines through, I’m reminded of the wonder Addy has for the smallest of things- lights, my voice, ceiling fans. It’s all magical to her. Babies have so much wonder for the world. As I walk my neighborhood bonding with my daughter, I am filled with a similar wonder for the world, for my neighborhood.

Slowing Down and Experiencing Wonder- A guest Post by DC Urban Dad

DC stars grace many of the row houses on Capitol Hill

Dads, I encourage this. Give Mom a few extra hours of sleep on the weekends and go out and explore your neighborhood. It will give you a sense of belonging and wonder in your own backyard. Who knows? You may even discover a new neighborhood restaurant or bar.

Now my life on a Saturday is more like this.

7AM. The alarm (aka baby) goes off.

7:30AM. Wander the neighborhood.

10:30AM. Return home with a renewed sense of wonder.


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